The way that data is stored in the blockchain does not allow for easy analysis.

While a public blockchain contains every detail of every transaction ever made, this vast data has limited value unless it’s aggregated and presented in context of additional data and human expertise.

Bloklite is a data analytics and information platform. It offers user-friendly business analytics for the blockchain universe that is curated, intuitive and easy to digest. Bloklite complements on-chain data with off-chain data: sentiment, Google search, website data, contextual information, social media data (Twitter, Reddit, Github…), team size and collaborators, and financial data. Bloklite’s machine learning algorithms augment the blockchain data to produce superior cryptocurrency intelligence.

Investors, traders and researchers rely on insights from within the blockchain and its environment. With Bloklite, they can take the “heartbeat” of the blockchain and token economy. This knowledge is valuable for trading prediction and signals, address and transaction classification, clustering, detecting trends and patterns, and flagging suspicious activities.